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Hey guys… want to share some valuable information (Well Valuable at least for me – hoping for you too )
Our perspective influences how we experience the world around us. Optimists expect good things to happen and tend to view adversity as a temporary setback or a learning experience, which makes them more likely to seize opportunities and bounce forward from failure - explaining why optimism is a key component of both a growth mindset and resilience.
Optimism is defined as hopefulness and confidence about the future or the success of something, and for some people, looking on the bright side comes naturally. For others, however, it’s a bit trickier. Studies have shown that optimism is about 25% heritable, but the good news is we can train ourselves to be more optimistic.
For those that are on the lower end of the optimism scale, optimism is a mindset worth learning to embrace. I know for me setting time in the morning before the day begins to write thoughts down, be with God, meditate in the word and write my grateful… with a some I AM’s to remind me who I am, set the tone for the day. Keep in mind it isn’t at easy as it sounds to create this very impactful habit, it took me about 2-3 years of waking up 6 am to 5:30 am and creating a habit of being still and mindful. However, it is so worth it for my life, to center my attention and surrender it all over to my faith. This has kept me very optimistic (Not that I wasn’t already lol, people who have known me know I have always had that outlook on life ).
Here are a few ways to actively encourage optimism in yourself, to improve your success and wellbeing in life, at work and beyond…
Be Mindful
Take time to sit and breathe, notice when you step out of the situation for a moment to breathe… you can see clearer.
Practice Reframing
Any time you catch yourself having a pessimistic thought, identify it and consider if there is a different way to view the situation. Can anything good come from a not-so-good event? Did you learn something? The more you can do this, the more your brain will start to respond differently to negative experiences. The more you practice this, it’ll start to become second nature.
Focus on the Positive (Easier said than done but very much possible)
I personally have been through many trials of life and journeys that were very dark for me but keeping faith, positive mind and a good perspective helped me gain light to survive.
Keeping a gratitude journal is a tried and tested way of boosting optimism, and has been linked to improved heart health and lower levels of depression. Every evening, jot down 3-5 things you’ve been grateful for that day. It could be as simple as your morning coffee and good weather, or it could be bigger things such as having a supportive friend and a healthy family. Once a week, make a point to write down your accomplishments too. Consider 3-5 activities you did well that week, any positive feedback you received, or past achievements you’re proud of. This will help replenish your self-belief and increase your confidence, both things which will make you feel much more optimistic about life.
Surround yourself with optimism
Keep in mind when you are around negativity it will drain you ! Step away from it and find peace.. (I like to walk outside look at the beauty around me while I re- center by breathing in a few long breathes – say a prayer or two )
Therefore, it’s worth considering who you spend time with and making an effort to connect with people who radiate optimistic energy- get involved or surround yourself with like minded , motivated, encouraging people who want to grow.
Be Mindful of the content you consume (Don’t laugh but I am as boring as can me, I want zero tv 80% of the time and 99% listen to KLOVE to keep me centered on positive energy. Don’t get me wrong I know the news when I research what I need to know but for the most part I try my best to keep the negativity of the world to the bare min. helps my sanity! It is very easy for me to fall into the black hole I was in of depression, so it is a daily battle at times by min battle to survive. These little helpful hints help me, and hopefully good value to those who need it too)
If the constant stream of world news and current affairs is getting you down, make sure you limit how much you watch and engage, and ensure you are consciously doing activities that restore your positive outlook on things. Similarly, consider which accounts you follow on social networks, and whether they are having a positive or negative effect on how you see things. Keeping informed is great, but so is creating a content balance. ( I have personally unfollowed all that was not filling my happy jar or felt I my emotions were spiraling downhill. )This made a huge change
Big one here !!!!! Avoid toxic Positivity
I personally steer away from any event, situation that makes me feel uncomfortable. After losing my son I had to learn to put my life first.. and if you know about PTSD or Depression that is big learning lesson to get you life back on track. Daily choices to be made to live a more mindfully optimistic life. (Not that God doesn’t have it under control anyways lol Fav verse! Today is the day the Lord has made; I will be glad and rejoice in it. Psalm 118-24 ** Even through the storms of life we all deal with no matter who we are.
Being an optimist doesn’t mean ignoring negative events or not acknowledging mistakes. Being in denial about your current reality can be detrimental and unhealthy, whilst pretending you have a positive mindset - even when you’re experiencing distress or extreme adversity - can lead to mental health challenges that can be avoided. It’s important to support your quest for optimism with a good dose of realism and with the self-awareness to acknowledge mistakes, setbacks and disappointments. Optimism isn’t about blindly thinking you’ll make it no matter what and suppressing negative emotions, but about believing in yourself and taking action to get where you want to go.
Try these little tips and let me know how it goes – I would love to hear xxoxoxoxo
Have a blessed day Friends … Psssst stay optimistic, and enjoy the simplicity of life have a GREAT day!
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