Summer Simplicity is all around us

Summer is here and the simplicity of life is all around us when we are completely mindful and open to take it all in. 

it seems to go without fail that every new season brings with it new ideas, new thoughts to enchant me and catch my attention repeatedly. it's sweet spring now, a season I adore and cherish each time it comes, with its fresh air and new life and brightness, and here's what have been on why heart this season: 

simplicity. it's more attractive to me than clutter. it's peaceful. it's restful. it's an invitation to be still, to find solitude, to focus, to find clarity. it's refreshing. i'm all about purging lately-- less items, less weight, less burdens, less restrictions, less mess, less belongings, less possessions. simplicity, simplicity, simplicity. 

freedom. it is for freedom that christ has set us free. we were not set free to then go get tangled up in chains of our own making again, yet that's what i do. i bind myself up with doubts and fears and anxieties, forgetting that i am free and i do not have to live that way. i do not have to be weighed down by these heavy things! i can let them go, i can surrender, i can hold my hands to the sky in praise of a good god who breaks chains and lets his people be wild and free.

joy. i am not naturally joyful. i am not bubbly or cheery or sparkly. i'm more snarky and sarcastic and cynical. but joy? i want to choose it. i know how joy feels, that deep down in my soul kind of feeling, that overwhelming reminder of hope that brings life and stirs up a peace to my spirit and puts a smile on my face. when circumstances arise, when stress starts to build, when tensions mount, i want to intentionally make the choice towards joy. 

silence. one of my all time favorite ted talks is about the art of stillness, and i can't get enough of the speaker, pico iyer. he recently tweeted "it's those who are silent who generally have the most to say." i appreciate that sentiment. i've been attempting lately to listen more than i speak, to let there be pause between questions asked and my mouth opening to answer. i've been working to be slower to speak, quicker to listen. i

sustainability. it's not sexy, but it's essential. can i maintain the rhythms i want to put into place? are these relationships built for the long-haul? what changes can i make that will be intentional and meaningful and long-lasting, not just quick fixes? how can i build truly sustainable habits and practices and purposes into my daily life?

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